Range limiter for excavator and backhoe

The LIMIT-PRO range limiter for backhoe (backhoe), the most evolved system to date.



All the necessary for the installation.

Details & Specs

The LIMIT-PRO range limiter for backhoe, the most advanced system to date.

Dynamic display | ultra compact case | self-diagnostics

The LIMIT-PRO range limiter simplifies visualization of areas and self-diagnosis of potential failures. If necessary, you can attach the GUIDE-PRO and the laser reference.

It allows to define the danger zones very quickly thanks to its color screen and features per image. It is now easy to protect yourself, even if you are a new user or have not used the system for some time. Thanks to the simple schematics, the understanding of the use has become intuitive.

With this device, you will be able to make profitable your investment by the addition of the GUIDE-PRO (system of digging 2D).

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