About us

About Eco-Trak Industrie


Eco-Trak Industrie was founded in 2008 by two entrepreneurs from the Quebec region and is located in the Donnacona industrial park. The company’s mission is to provide customers with reliable electronic work tools that are efficient and innovative, by mobilizing the team throughout all corporate activities.

Eco-Trak Industrie designs, manufactures and markets high-performance and durable products, such as the reach limiter, the 2D digging system and the mobile scale, adapted to heavy vehicles!

The added value of our products is your guarantee of maximum productivity. In order to provide you with maximum durability, our products are designed according to standards exceeding those required in the industry.

Our team

To create products that exceed the standards required in the industry, it must first be surrounded by a team of passionate people who constantly desire to excel. This is the challenge taken up brilliantly Eco-Trak during last year!

It is with great pride that we present the members of management who have built this great organization over the years.

Clément Gauvin

Clément Gauvin


Entrepreneur for 15 years, designer of electro hydraulic / electrical control system for Loural equipment.

Kevin Bérubé

Kevin Bérubé


Member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec. Mr. Kevin Bérubé certifies the range limiter systems and coordinates the after-sales service.
Charles Jr Guenette

Charles Jr Guenette

Sales manager

12 years of experience in customer services. Mr. Charles Guenette sees the growth of Eco-Trak. At the local as well as the international level.
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