Our company

About Us

e-Trak Technology Solutions designs, manufactures, and markets high-performance products that are suitable for heavy equipment vehicles. Our lineup includes the Range limiter, the 2D Digging System, and the Mobile Scales.

The added value of our products is your guarantee to maximize productivity and optimize operations. We have strict production standards to ensure you’re getting the most durable and high-quality products that are available on the market today.


Our Values

Make Voices Count

We believe in an environment of respect, openness, and creativity.

Aspiring to Create

We strive to innovate for the success of today but also for a better tomorrow.

One Team

We believe in the unity of purpose for the success of the team. We are one team, and we share one goal.

We Love What We Do

We have built a playground for passionate people. We let talent shine.

Our Courage

Creating something new begins with forging your path. We are brave, we are strong, and we are proud.

Our History

Founded in 2008 by two entrepreneurs from the Quebec City region, e-Trak Technology Solutions (originally known as Eco-Trak) has one mission - to offer its customers reliable, efficient and innovative electronic work tools by mobilizing the team through all the company’s activities. 

e-Trak Technology Solutions was acquired by GRYB International in May of 2022. Since then, they have worked together to develop the company and promote its core values. The “e” represents the path ahead of us, our contribution to the evolution of electronics in our industry. We keep the name «Trak» to honor our roots and our history.  We want to be your technology solutions partner and optimize your operations on construction sites.


At e-Trak, we stand for something more than just the status quo.

We believe in being different, challenging norms, and fighting for what we believe is right. We are not just a place to work, a group of manufacturers, or a range of products. We are your partner. We are the solution. We believe there is nothing greater than the success of those around us. Join the team, and surpass yourself.

What is GRYB International?

E-Trak is part of GRYB International, a group of companies that aims to provide the best heavy equipment attachments for a variety of industries.

Our purpose
To fundamentally transform the heavy equipment industry into a customer driven experience, fueled through the needs and challenges of those who struggle and need it most.

Our mission derives from our purpose. We wish to develop and provide the right product through the combined expertise of those who build and those who use. Together, we create solutions to support industries that are built to last.

Our news

The e-Trak team is participating in a lot of events regarding construction industry. Browse our list of events below and find the one near you!

  • Centre des Congrès St-Hyacinthe, Québec

    APMLQ 2024 | e-Trak to exhibit at APLMQ - Booth #58

  • Essex Junction, Vermont

    Northeastern Forest Products Equipment Expo (Loggers’ Expo) 2024

  • Donnacona, Quebec

    The Science Behind Precision: Understanding Weigh Scaling Technology for Wheel Loaders

  • Donnacona, Quebec

    Mastering Precision: Unleashing the Power of 2D Digging Excavator Systems

  • Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec

    Expo Grands Travaux 2023

  • Québec, Québec

    ACRGTQ - 2023