Automatic Greasing System

BEKA MAX automatic greasing system. The powerful BEKA MAX Lubrication System Pump and its cast aluminum construction allow our systems to pump grease effortlessly even at low temperatures.

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Progressive centralized lubrication for construction vehicles.

The powerful pump of the BEKA-MAX lubrication system and its production of cast aluminum allow our systems to pump grease effortlessly, even at low temperatures.

It’s money. A breakdown of the machine is not allowed, especially when this failure is due to a lack of lubrication. Immobilizing machinery for hand lubrication is time-consuming and involves the risk of forgetting the lubrication point, which can result in unnecessary additional costs.

With BEKA-MAX centralized lubrication these problems are now a thing of the past. The BEKA-MAX product range has been developed to withstand the extreme working conditions of construction sites.

Every BEKA-MAX product is designed to extend the life of your machinery and minimize downtime.

The BEKA-MAX automatic greasing system ensures optimal continuous lubrication of parts while you operate your heavy machinery. You extend the life of the components, without slowing down the production.

A durable and efficient automatic lubrication system.

At Eco-Trak we understand that you are looking for durable and efficient products. That’s why we chose a product made with cast aluminum, much more durable than those of competitors using plastics. The powerful pump in the BEKA-MAX lubrication system is so powerful that it can effortlessly pump grease even at low temperatures.


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